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Stone Island is an Italian Designer brand from Sportswear Company (SPW) based in Bologna.

The label began in Italy in 1982 when the brand CP Company acquired an industrial fabric that took on two different colours when dipped in dye. Unsuitable for the then-conservative CP, a new label was created especially for it. Named after a book the firm’s visionary designer Massimo Osti was reading, they called it Stone Island Marina.

“From the beginning Stone Island has been a label centred on fabric and construction research,” says Carlo Rivetti, who’s headed the company since 1982. “We’re always investigating how far we can go in ‘inventing’ and transforming materials, exploring functions for the wearer derived from work gear and uniforms.”

In 2014, Stone Island is stronger than ever with devotees all over the world – many of whom obsess about it at dedicated websites and forums. Working with outside designers, who put their own spin on the label’s philosophy in new collections like the Shadow Project and body-focused Articulated Anatomy collection, is helping to make it the absolute definition of 21st Century clothing brand. And, as 23-year-old founder of football/fashion fanzine , Daniel Nicolson says, “Stone Island has come full circle. People now recognise its undoubted quality. In a way, I wear it in spite of the badge, not because of it – the clothes are that good they speak for themselves.”

The drive and dedication that continually goes into the fabric research has resulted in some exclusive word-wide fabrics for Stone Island:
Raso Gommato - A waterproof and rubberised military cotton satin
Nylam - A waterproof, nylon jersey that is laminated to semi-stretch nylon webbing
Monobava II (A 4 ply water resistant shell lining. The inner lay is a mono filament nylon netting with a polyurethane coated finish to each sid

At any one time, up to 6 colours might be used in the dyeing process of one single garment. One particular research feature into functionality and use in garments resulted in the investigation of over 40,000 pieces of military and workwear. This gives you an insight into the extent of the value that Stone Island puts on research and design.

A feature of a Stone Island garment is the compass patch that buttons onto the upper sleeve of the left arm. Originally the patches were green edged, badges from around the year 2000 onwards became black edged. Also, there are the rarer 'white badges' which were originally made on certain jackets for the millennium. The white badge is now apparent on jackets that use materials that Stone Island themselves in-house. Novel jacket designs include the "Liquid Reflective" jacket, that uses thousands of small shards of glass that reflect to light.

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